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“I dream of a tropical city, crisscrossed by large pedestrian avenues, shaded by enormous tropical trees, as the axes of life of those cities.”

~ Enrique Penalosa, former mayor of

Bogota, Columbia

Sustainable Urbanism

At Urban Green Studio, we advocate the New Urbanism/Smart Growth principles of town & community planning as the model of development for the future, and the pattern to create more livable, self-sustained communities. We support elements such as compact development, walkable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, inter-connected streets, mixed land uses, with greenway connections, parks and important civic spaces, and transportation alternatives. Not only do these features avert suburban sprawl, but also preserve more significant open space and foster a healthier lifestyle.

We are eager to work with like-minded clients who aspire to craft communities with long-term vitality and value.  

Places for People

Our primary goal is to create quality environments for human interaction. Whether we’re dealing with a public space, a private garden or a new community, we recognize that we are making places for people to experience and enjoy as a part of their everyday life. We bring the best of our artistic and technical skills to create artfully composed spaces for people that are beautiful, comfortable and safe, that engage the senses, stir the imagination, and enrich the spirit.  

Sustainable Design

We are committed to exploring and providing sustainable solutions for the built environment, whether the work is performed at a broad master plan level, or for a more detailed neighborhood plan, public park design or a residential estate.  We incorporate Low Impact Development techniques that lessen the impact of man’s footprint on the environment. Such techniques employ careful site planning and building orientation, preserving native vegetation, reducing impervious surfaces, and utilizing rain collection systems, bioswales, green roofs, and other innovative methods. The principles expressed in the Florida-Friendly Landscape program have long been a part of our design approach, as they have evolved through the years from the original Xeriscape guidelines. 

Distinctive Solutions

We believe each project and client is unique and deserving of a tailored design response. While we bring a certain design sensibility and consistency to our work, and an efficient production method, we continually strive to bring fresh ideas to the table. Our clients expect creative design solutions that are responsive to their individual project challenges, not formulaic rubber-stamp answers.

Exceptional Client Service

Our extensive experience allows us to provide large firm professionalism and expertise with a friendly small firm attitude. We offer a low-overhead, responsive office with personal attention at the principal level.



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