The beauty of southwest Florida.

Ethiopia (above) and

(at right) a younger

Dayna Fendrick meets Haile Selassie.

Inspiration from the gardens at Alhambra in Granada, Spain and the streets of Sintra and Lisbon, Portugal.

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Founded in April 2008, Urban Green Studio is led by Dayna L. Fendrick, a registered landscape architect and certified land planner with over 25 years of experience as a project manager, landscape architect and land planner for projects throughout South Florida, Texas, the Bahamas and Costa Rica. As a former senior associate with a large multi-disciplinary firm, Ms. Fendrick has developed the skill of interacting effectively with other design disciplines to address complex projects. Being a collaborative person by nature, Ms. Fendrick enjoys engaging in a design dialogue with other professionals and clients to fully explore creative solutions to meet project challenges.

Her practice covers a broad spectrum of public and private sector projects, including master planning and site design for residential and commercial developments, mixed-use communities, streetscapes, parks and recreation facilities, schools and private residences.  Through this exposure to a wide variety of assignments, Ms. Fendrick has honed her creative design and place-making skills to address projects that range in scale from the intricate design of a private courtyard, to an inviting and lively streetscape, to the feasibility study and master planning of a 5000 acre new community.  

A Florida resident since 1986, Ms. Fendrick is an outdoor enthusiast, and enjoys biking, fishing, golfing and gardening. In the course of searching out favorite fishing spots in the Ten Thousand Islands and points south, she has developed a keen appreciation and practical knowledge of coastal ecosystems and native plant material.

Ms. Fendrick had the unique experience of spending her early childhood in the highlands of Ethiopia. This sparked a life-long interest in traveling and exploring the unique environments of other countries and cultures, particularly their architecture, gardens and patterns of life. It also resulted in a permanently embedded preference for living in a tropical climate.

Through several visits to Mediterranean Europe, Central America and the South Pacific, Ms. Fendrick has observed classic examples of piazzas, public spaces and formal gardens. She has studied the composition, proportions and details of these places, and draws upon this understanding and inspiration to benefit her projects and clients. 


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